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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Next week of gigs in Cork

Tons happening in Cork over the next week!

Pubstep returns with Digger on the buttons tonight and support from Milis
usually kicks off round 9.30 and its free so no excuses

65 days of Static return to Cyprus Avenue. Aint caught them in a while and they're usually worth a look. Support form Loops Haunt bizarrely enough, seen him a couple of times now and hes fairly on fire at the moment. Blew the place apart at Bangface a couple of weeks ago. €15. doors 9pm

First WAATAcore night in far too long with Ladyscraper and Skull Vomit and local lads done good - Psymonok and Drokkr
Ladyscraper is the performing name of Wayne Adams, a UK gabber / breakcore artist. He is one of many artists associated with the Wrong Music label and is frequently mentioned when referring to the Wrong Music label and associated breakcore and noise acts.
Dj Skull Vomit is one half of of San Francisco based act Eustachian.
Eustachian is a Neo colonial digital power violence / breakcore duo (Anthony Welter & John Roche)

If I've any money left come next thursday after all this lark then i've a bit of a conundrum....

High Tone are in an Cruiscin on thursday. They're a fairly serious french Dub outfit of pretty critical acclaim. The facebook event is here is ya wanna read some more about em but im pretty sure its gonna be awesome...might not get the chance to catch em over here again

And Jahcoozi are in the Pav the same night. Really wanna catch them....You'll find an awesome mix by the in the previous post on this blog

So there it is...a wallet terrifying week of gigs in Cork (I've omitted the Ebola gig this saturday as I presume you already know about it :)
Catch ye at some of em with any luck

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