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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Friday, August 27, 2010

dubculture news

Mad feckin busy all over for the end of the summer / start of the college year so, might not get a chance to post up what the buzz is all the time.

The Cuba sessions have been a remarkable success, finally gettin the sound we deserve curtesy of ssl event and their lovely void rig. Been gettin busier every night and will continue to run every fortnight for the night while (on tonight in case ya werent aware!)

In Cork I'm happy to announce our first date in the pav on september 10th. easily the best club in town, the rig is super subby in there and i cant bloody wait for it

Then we've Headhunter over on September 18th in City Limits, Cork

A good chunk of the crew are playing cyberfest on september 25th before stenchman and bluebear.

Ya can catch steve and i headlining an excellent line up in the hertz-u room on october 1st for the LIFE festival after party

Jazzsteppa on October 23rd in cyprus avenue.

and thats about it for now, other than to say i cant wait for pluggd records to re-open tomorrow!
heres somethin i ordered earlier, synkro - inhale....awesome

Icicle - Xylophobia / Minimal Dub



Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Warp Records News: Rustie, Flying Lotus.

Warp will be releasing two very interesting slices of pie over the coming months.

One Rustie flavour which sounds very promising in shops on the 4th of Oct:


Sunburst EP:

01 - Neko
02 - Dragonfly
03 - Beast Nite
04 - Chew
05 - Hyperthrust

One Flying Lotus Flavoured album (3rd) landing on the 20th of Sept:

Pattern + Grid World:

01 - Clay
02 - Kill Your Co-Workers
03 - PieFace
04 - Time Vampires
05 - Jurassic Notion/M Theory
06 - Camera Day
07 - Physics For Everyone!

Cant wait !

Sin é


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

New Tune ! Phonetik - Wash Away

Enjoy x

Sin é


Sunday, August 22, 2010

U:Mack present Plaid Live Dublin 21st Aug 2010

My head is still fuzzy and fragile while writing this so please forgive any wonkeyness(?).

Il start by saying fair play to the U:Mack lads for putting this on, what a great booking. Its the first time I have attened one of their gigs, they knew what they were at and were very hospitable.

It took a while for Plaid to appear which I suppose added to the tension, I've been listening to them since I was 13 so you can imagine the excitement. When I arrived at the venue support from Platinum Ray kept everyone moving until the lads appeared and when they did the dancefloor was full and ready. The first half of their set (if my memory serves me correct) seemed to be material from the upcoming album Scintilli which was lovely to hear. Now this could be down to the fact that my mind is conditioned to 140bpm most of what I heard seemed to hang around this tempo, which is brilliant, some of it would fit nicely into a set at one of the DubCulture nights.
To keep everyone on the dance floor moving they dropped extra beats over their more melodic tracks which they managed to pull off perfectly (how couldnt they though, you have to remember who we are talking about), Im really glad they did this, I was worried they were going to sway more towards percussive work for the sake of keeping people dancing.
In the second half of the set we heard material from the Tekkon Kinkreet sound track mashed up with extra flavours thrown over everything we heard. The only track to have remained pure was Itsu from Dial P which was accompanied by its video on the visuals screen, if you were out having a fag or talking shite while this was on you missed out:

Somewhere near the end they played Hoi Non from the Tekkon Kinkreet with a 4x4 beat over the top. I was so glad to hear this, I think its one of the best tunes they have ever done and by the smile on Ed's face he could tell the whole place was impressed. I managed to get some footage of it but the camera in my phone its pretty whack:

They finished up then with a track that must be from the new album correct me if I'm wrong because its something I haven't hear before. I wasn't overwhelmed by it but it sounded like a solid tune that id like to get another listen to.

I asked Ed at the end of the show about the new album, he said two months, I asked Andy, he said they are still working on it, if you ask me Warp are sitting on it.

Sin é


Thursday, August 19, 2010

jack sparrow - the chase

im a bit slow on the uptake but picked this up today in the local record merchants
fans of footcrab shud be a-diggin

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

World Bass Culture this friday

our cork jungle dub brethren are back in cyprus avenue this weekend after a long break.

get on it

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Cuba this thursday

Back in Cuba this thursday. boom and fuckin pow!

New acroplane release from Wagawaga is fuckin tasty... get yer ears around this yoke

Monday, August 9, 2010

Plaid (live) Saturday, August 21st, Twisted Pepper, Dublin

This ones one not to miss.I've managed to miss the opportunity to see these guys live 3 times now and im not gonna let it happen again, so see ye there!

Electronic music pioneers, Warp records favourites Plaid make a welcome return to Dublin to perform in the Twisted Pepper on saturday August 21. Plaid's lush melodies and masterly crafted beats have had fans of all kinds of electronic music dancing for almost twenty years.


Ed Handley and Andy Turner have been friends since they met at school in the early ‘80’s. In 1984 they formed a mighty breakdancing crew called the Def Squad but after several years battling in the east of England and with the arrival of acid house and Detroit techno in the UK they decided to hang up their tracksuits and start writing the music they had been dancing to. They produced their first cassette release on the short lived APT Recordings imprint in 1988

An integral part of Warp's proud legacy, Plaid began as a side project to The Black Dog, their previous incarnation with Ken Downey, whose flowing techno masterpieces riddled with mythological references still command reverence today. In 1996 Ed and Andy cut loose from the dog and ventured forth as Plaid. Their now stalwart fan base continues to swell across the globe, drawn to Plaid's impressive output of fragile melody lines juxtaposed with dexterous grooves.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Polska - 2nd rate

Subtle Audio has been a rock over the years...when all else around it is crumbling under the weight of shit choons, Dj Code and crew have been keepin it real release after release and rooting out whats good in dnb, dubstep, jungle and beyond.
It comes as no surprise so that i fuckin love the new polska album. heres a sampler from it:

and u can pick it up here...

or the 12" sampler here

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Filthy dubstep this saturday and cyberfest cancellation

This weekend il be joining the filthy dubstep massive, the aptly named Dj deadly buzz and prehistorically named sherbet mastodon in limerick...this one wont be for the faint hearted!

And I just received word this evening that cyberfest is off til late september.

thats all for now...heres desto

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Dubculture presents Jazzsteppa

We're doing this gig in conjunction with the Cork Jazz Festival (the 2nd biggest jazz festival in the world would ya believe!)
Steve and i caught them 3 months back at a night in Bristol and decided then and there we had to have em over....heres a taste of their live show. enjoy