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Friday, May 28, 2010

Taz Buckfaster

Finally got the poster done for the Taz gig

Can't recommend this mix enough

Taz Buckfaster - April 2010 Mix - Spring In My Step.
Terror Danjah - Twisted (dub)
SRC - Goin Out (Rwina dub)
Starkey - Ok Luv (ft Badness) (Planet Mu)
Skinnz - Make Me Feel (dub)
Starkey - Capsule (Planet Mu)
Gemmy - Jah Kno (dub)
Opus III - Fine Day (Taz Buckfaster Remix) (dub)
Von D - Show Me (dub)
Guido - Korg Back (dub)
Taz Buckfaster - Whoa There (dub)
Gemmy - Maroon Chant (dub)
SRC - Tang Fastic (Rwina dub)
2000F & J Kamata - You Don't Know What Love Is (Hyperdub)
501 - St Ives (Rwina dub)
Modeselektor - Art & Cash (SBTRKT Go For Broke Rmx) (dub)
Taz Buckfaster - Wetter Is Better (Rwina dub)
Brackles - Rawkus (Planet Mu)
TRG + Matt U - One (Subway dub)
Royal T - Hot Ones Remix (Butterz dub)
Kyza - Go (Bar 9 Remix/Thrills Refix) (dub)
The Others - Africa (Thrills Refix) (dub)
Subscape - Clear My Throat (white label)
Noah D - Serious VIP (Subway dub)
Benny Page - Step Out VIP (dub)
Taz Buckfaster - Headlock (forthcoming Subway)
Taz Buckfaster - Recovery (forthcoming Subway)
Taz Buckfaster - 20 Red (Rwina)
Taz Buckfaster - Crusher (Lime Dubs)
Taz Buckfaster - Tonic Grime (dub)
501 - Ultraviolet (dub)

City Limits shot and Modulation tomorrow

A cool shot from Danbar 'Latent' Saint O' Callaghan of noid the droid and sebi c. i really like this one. From City Limits last may 15th. click the image to see it proper

you can catch Latent Saint along with a host of other Cork based producers at the Modulation night in An Realy Dearg tomorrow. Support your local music scene x 2

Stagga - Dragon

Aint heard anything from Stagga in a while, this ones a bit mental, let me know what ye think, still not sue what to make of it, certainly intrigued! videos awesome too. Album forthcoming on rag and bone this year. sound

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Pubstep tomorrow!

I'll be opening the next edition of the always refreshing pubstep night in the vineyard tomorrow before the much anticipated debut of the Welfare/Shatterfreak callabobeast, Subversus
starts around 9.30 if i recall. weekends should always start on thursdays!

still on a darkstar buzz : )

and i heard this today for what feels like years

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Life festival buses, tshirts and darkstar

Get yer buses from Cork here:

...and from Galway here:

also, picked up tshirts today so get on to me and il get em to ya soon enough be it Galway, Cork or Dublin

and im on a darkstar buzz tonight so heres one from last year. diggin this synth lots

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Mala - Return to space

Only a couple of weeks to the new DMZ now...how about this drop at 3min30secs...

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

CJ Fitz Mix

Got this today off irishdubstep.com...lovely mix from exiled cork man CJ Fitz....how sound is this one!
dubculture003 track and the ultra-awesome new naked lunch from intra:mental on there

its a big un so you'l have to run find it yerself
ids:004 / CJ Fitz

Lysergene -ʻSub Ritualʼ / AREA
Thesis -ʻProgressoʼ / BASSWEIGHT
DFRNT -ʻDark Jazzʼ / ON THE EDGE
An On Bast -ʻUpon The Dew Dropsʼ Inanna & C Dubs mix / LA FOLIA
K3bee -ʻDark Whisperʼ / DUB CULTURE
Mala -ʻSinnersʼ / RINGO
Furesshu -ʻ1993ʼ / PROJECT SQUARED
Dark Arx -ʻBlood Veinʼ / DARK ARX
Asusu -ʻTogethernessʼ / IMMERSE
Distal -ʻAttempt At Yellowʼ /EMBASSY
Filtercutter -ʻ1upʼ Ramadanman mix / SVATLANA INDUSTRIES
Headhunter & Djunya -ʻEl Presidenteʼ / SUREFIRE SOUND
Instra:mental -ʻVicodinʼ / [NAKEDLUNCH]
Chasing Voices -ʻAcidbathoryʼ /CHASING VOICES
Marcel Dettman -ʻHomeʼ / OSTGUT TON
Furesshu -‘Horizons’ Asusu mix / IMMERSE
Kpk -ʻChill Winstonʼ / DUB:IOUZ
Blawan -ʻFramʼ / HESSLE AUDIO
Aqf -ʻIn The Bull Runʼ / AQF

Monday, May 17, 2010

Tshirts done

Pickin up the Dubculture tshirts on friday. mail me if ya want one. they're €10. italomouse@gmail.com
DubCulture tshirts are done....theres mens M,L and XL in black with a white logo and
also got a few ladies ones in M and L in the same colours.

Ebola gig was crackin. big props to Noid and Sebi for the unreal support and everyone who came for the unreal support. new venues can always be tricky. Great set from Ebola also, needless to say. what a gent

next cork adventure is the debut of scottish synth-step madman Taz Buckfaster on June 12th...more details on that one soon

heres a 140 jungle choon ive been diggin this last week to get yer ears around out on Black Acre a couple of weeks back. laters

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Next week of gigs in Cork

Tons happening in Cork over the next week!

Pubstep returns with Digger on the buttons tonight and support from Milis
usually kicks off round 9.30 and its free so no excuses

65 days of Static return to Cyprus Avenue. Aint caught them in a while and they're usually worth a look. Support form Loops Haunt bizarrely enough, seen him a couple of times now and hes fairly on fire at the moment. Blew the place apart at Bangface a couple of weeks ago. €15. doors 9pm

First WAATAcore night in far too long with Ladyscraper and Skull Vomit and local lads done good - Psymonok and Drokkr
Ladyscraper is the performing name of Wayne Adams, a UK gabber / breakcore artist. He is one of many artists associated with the Wrong Music label and is frequently mentioned when referring to the Wrong Music label and associated breakcore and noise acts.
Dj Skull Vomit is one half of of San Francisco based act Eustachian.
Eustachian is a Neo colonial digital power violence / breakcore duo (Anthony Welter & John Roche)

If I've any money left come next thursday after all this lark then i've a bit of a conundrum....

High Tone are in an Cruiscin on thursday. They're a fairly serious french Dub outfit of pretty critical acclaim. The facebook event is here is ya wanna read some more about em but im pretty sure its gonna be awesome...might not get the chance to catch em over here again

And Jahcoozi are in the Pav the same night. Really wanna catch them....You'll find an awesome mix by the in the previous post on this blog

So there it is...a wallet terrifying week of gigs in Cork (I've omitted the Ebola gig this saturday as I presume you already know about it :)
Catch ye at some of em with any luck

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Guido - Mad Sax

Always been diggin Guido (and endured a lotta slaggin for it). New LP is due anyday now and i've been waiting to get my hands on this choon for ages...so here it is...ripped from a mix....Mad Sax.


Best of 2009 - 70 track mix

Ya gotta love Rob Booth. Last weeks podcast from Jahcoozi (playing the Pav in coming weeks) was hauntingly beautiful and hectically thrilling, this weeks mix is something extra special.
A 2009 round-up mixed by one of the Akira Kiteshi lads and Mad EP. tracklisting is jaw dropping.

DATA presents HYSTEREO ! Friday, 14 May CUBA LIVE

Our good friends the DATA crew are putting on a show this Friday that all should see, we cant wait !


DATA's hiatus ends this May 14th with the return of their raucous electro and techno sounds to CUBA LIVE. The DATA DJ's have been running the club night in a number of Galway venues for over two years now and have been taking some time out recently. The lads are not ones for resting on their laurels and in between some Cork and Dublin sets have been devising ways to bring the DATA clubnight back bigger and better than before and CUBA LIVE is just the venue to pull this off.

DATA have had some epic nights over the couple of years with guest appearances from IRATE SOUNDSYSTEM and GTRONIC (Antwerp) and are set to follow this up with HYSTEREO taking to the decks at CUBA LIVE on Friday May 14th.

HYSTEREO are Dublin producers Conor Murphy and Jack Byrne have been causing a stir in the world of elecro/house with their fresh and vibrant style with their energetic productions inciting mayhem on dancefloors worldwide over the last few years. Hystereo debut album Corporare Crimewave was released in 2005 and have since gone from strength to strength remixing tracks such as Digitalism's Idealistic and Teenage Bad Girls monster track Cocette. The lads have been tearing up dancefloors in clubs all over Europe for the past few while also playing alongside Digitalism and Erol Alkan to name but a few.

Their latest EP Cityspeak which also contains excellenent remixes from Arveene and Misk and Deadbots was released last month making the top ten in the beatport download charts for their genre. The Video for the single Cityspeak is also well worth checking out. All in all it promises to be an infectious floor filling ravaging return for DATA with HYSTEREO kicking it all off.

Glade 2010 Cancelled

This is sad news. Never heard anything but the best reports from it.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Dubculture presents Ebola @ City Limits, Cork

Right....after a nerve wreckin 2 days running around town, this ones going down in City Limits....its a feckin sweet spot. Doors 10, adm 8 bucks
Catch ye there

Monday, May 10, 2010

Ebola this weekend - update

Just to let you, there will be a change to either the venue or closing time of the Ebola gig this weekend due to unforeseen circumstances. Keep an eye on the blog for an update (tomorrow most likely)
In the mean time heres the cool new video for new baconhead track, wookie

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Life Festival Tickets!! Cheaper from DubCulture

Life Festival Tickets!!

100euro each for a group of 10 offer is only til next friday (14.05.10).

After that 130 each. No booking fee. drop me an email at:

stephenwconcannon [at] gmail.com


inbox to get yerself sorted :)

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

MRK1 (Planet-Mu, Rephlex, Tectonic, Tempa) DubCulture @ CUBA LIVE 7th May...and a goodbye note

Boom! This is gonna be awesome. Mrk1 doesn't need much introduction at this stage of the game but if your looking for some info you can find it here and his mix here.

It could be your last chance to say goodbye to regular DJs at Dubculture nights in recent times, Waspcatcher and Mongting before heading to Canada to strike it rich as they leave me short a couple of good DJs for booking, a place to live (goodbye murder alley) and most importantly a couple of good mates. Safe travels lads.

Manus Goan o clock

I'm sure most of you Galway and Dublin heads are already aware of these choons but for those who aren't I thought I'd post a couple of em....so fresh. enjoy


underwater from Manus Goan on Vimeo.


For the heads who arnt going to be making it over to the rave on avon fundraiser in Bristol, the lovely ladeens at wobble have lined you up with a night of seriousness. Id be up there like a shot myself if Bristol wasn't on the cards.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Last Night + Tonight

The Filthy Dubstep lads in Limerick Blew the roof off the house with over 200 in attendance for their second gig, a feat in itself!! Shouts to all the lads for a serious night and their hospitality.

Tonight we are preparing for the Culture Clash. DubCulture VS World Bass Culture in Cypress Avenue from 9pm. Expect a back to back whirlwind with each crew member on four tune rotation...see you there!