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Thursday, September 30, 2010

DubCulture TORONTO, BigUp McGinley + Cormac for representing DubCulture in Canada !!

BigUp McGinley + Cormac for representing DubCulture in Canada !!

Sin éP

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Rustie - Sunburst EP

Ah rustie...its been too long, this sounds are a breath of fresh air. mental stuff
New rustie EP on warp records is out next week (i think)
heres a wee mini-mix promo. (the first choon of which reminds me of some rebel song or drop kick murphys or something)
anyway, it sounds like its gonna be a whopper. enjoy.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Waspcatcher - Irish producer showcase

Grab resident-dubculture-dj-in-exile colm waspcatchers mix of irish producers wares here:
Gets through a lot of stuff....a god chunk of which i was delighted to find was excellent

Heres what the man himself said:
"Irish Producer showcase i put together over the last while. Big shout out to all the Producers who contributed!... really enjoyed all the music! huge amount of talent out there to be heard... so get on it and download it! listen, share, copy, paste and enjoy.. Tracklisting and download link below.

Deviant and Naive Ted Aspire
Jimmy Penguin Dent
Thotbott Beat Quartet
Semyon Soleil
The Arborist Plastic Politics
Tamen + Alienkid M.I.N.D
Ventolyn and Becotyde XeyfLoomOche
The Person 5th of the 5th
Lakker Breath
Waspcatcher Oscitate
Metrognome Session
Major Grave + Bob Imperial
Shatterfreak Slow Motion
Phonetik Near (forthcoming on SubVersion 001)
Rumbus Merrylegs Bot Battle
Latent Saint Mass
DROKKR Poppin Shit
Evasion Dream Time (forthcoming on SubVersion 001)
Welfare 8 Bit Trubble
2BIt Stringaling
G31 Crab People
Chris Coffey Lysergic Acid Symbiotic Neurosis
Digger Good Life
Kanobi n. s. d. a.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Headhunter and Kaboogie! 003

Headhunter was deadly on saturday, loadsa great choons id never heard before, really deadly dancefloor stuff. thanks all who came

KBGoo3 is near ready for completion. been waitin for this since hearing the mad EP choon on the akira kiteshi electronic explorations mix last year. nice one to finally get it

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Laminator vol 1 & pluggd instore

you can catch the dubculture crew joined by noid the droid doing an instore in plugd records this saturday from 5pm before the headhunter gig

tons of on the ball funky electronic shit on this mix from the laminator. yow!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

HEADHUNTER this saturday!!!

This weekend we've a favourite of mine in city limits, headhunter/addison groove will be joining us for a throw down. supports from the usuals and kanobi...plus we've the visual collective joining us AND we've gotten an extra nice cerwin vega soundsystem in for the night.
This ones gonna be mega...biggest thing we've done in cork so do come along!


Bladerunner - back to the jungle

as the fella says....
jungle jungle jungle

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Off Topic :)

Found this and thought it was interesting...
Sin é

Monday, September 6, 2010

Riseup! and Synkro - Resevoir

Jonesy Sebi and I are doing the Pav in Cork this Friday, come along if yer about

surprise surprise, diggin the new synkro 12, heres the A-side
ah, straight up dubstep, its been a while! synkros never played in Ireland far as I know. He keeps up his current form and that wont last

Friday, September 3, 2010

Ramadanman again

forthcoming on soul jazz....choon and a half this. guys on fire
sorry again for lack of embedding...maybe steve'll fix it for me

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

DubCulture Celebrates Its 4th Birthday !!!

DubCulture is 4 !!!

We are celebrating our 4th birthday next week and we invite you, the people who have made such an impression on Galway underground music by attending the events we have put on, to come and join us for the biggest session of the year so far. Over the past four years Galway has been put on the map as one of Irelands leading cities for bass heavy music and its all down to you being deadly, coming along to the sh
ows, dancing like lunatics with us, tearing the arse out of it and being such a sound crowd to have the craic with.

This is going to be heavy. On the bill (so far):

PHONTIK aka CRYSIS (DubCulture Records):

KANOBI (DubCulture Records)

+ 10,000watt SSL Void Sound System !!!

Last Friday was SICK, cheers for that I hate it when the lights come on and we have to wrap it up, if anyone knows of a space we could use to keep the night going gimme a shout ! Heres a vid of the last party courtesy of Paul ENFP our visuals guy, mans got skills!

Sin é