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Monday, January 31, 2011

Eomac - EP One

In an effort to keep myself busy i'l be contributing occasionally to a fine online cork based publication from time to time entitled We Are Noise. The first of such contributions is a review of Eomac's excellent new EP entitled, er, EP - One on limerick's hsuan recordings. diggin the first track lots and lots.


Sunday, January 30, 2011

Headhunter @ Dubculture Video

Our newly we Paul ENFP put this together after we had headhunter over last year, but I only just watched it now! best guest we've had over in cork in my opinion. the video features the footcrab vip which was v fresh at the time, and that choon (probably by joker) thats been doing the rounds the last few months. enjoy

U-bee - Beyond imagination

Excellent wonky hiphop and general electronic electiveness from dubculture hero U-bee from a few months back. great mix

Saturday, January 29, 2011

von d mix

01- Encore – Wind Up (2000F & JKamata Remix Dub mix)
02- Silkie-It’s Late (dub)
03- Von D-Asap (forthcoming on Von D’s Album on Boka)
04- Tri Funk – 749 (Dub)
05- Von D & Riskotheque – Like a bird Vip Mix (dub)
06- Von D ft Phephe – Sunlight (Dj Madd SummerStep mix)
07- Vivek – Sirens (dub)
08- Von D ft Phephe – You’re the one (forthcoming on Von D’s Album on Boka)
09- Skream – Filth (Silkie remix) (dub)
10- Von D ft Phephe – Show me Vip Mix (dub)
11- Jay Kenzo – Swarm 95 (White label)
12- Von D & Mr Lager ft Phephe – You’re My
13- Joker – The vision 1176 (Dub)
14- Von D – E von (forthcoming on Von D’s Album on Boka)
15- Mr Lager Ft asher Dust – 4 leaf Clover (Von D remix) (dub)
16- Hatcha & Lost – Al barsha (Forthcoming Sin city)
17- Von D & Riskotheque ft Alys Be – Save me (dub)
18- Von Silk – Snowed In (Dub)
19- Kelly Dean – Battlefield (Von D Remix)(Forthcoming Smog)
20- Von D ft Riya – One Day (forthcoming on Von D’s Album on Boka)
21- Benga & Walsh – The darkness (dub)
22- Joker – Tron (Kromestar remix)
23- Jack Sparrow – Back in the days (dub)
24- Cyrus & Distance – Emperors fury (dub)
- Outro
25- 2000F & JKamata-Dukkehus limited (dub)

Friday, January 28, 2011

benton & dj madd

dj madd got some action to it

all the dubculture djs are pretty big fans of the black box & box clever labels. heres the B on the latest box clever, makes me nostalgic for that old school dubsteppers (please come back loefah)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

welfare clinic - dubculture sesiún

Rightio, mix recorded over a year ago now in murder alley. day after our first (massive!) night in an cruiscin lan, with the whole crew representing.

up all night, and dj welfare needed his mix for his radio show, so we bought one more box of beer and knocked one out. welfares on the first 15, then me, then colm waspcatcher, then jonesy finishing it off. enjoy

Boddika - Syn Chron

Darkstar - 12th Feb - The Pavilion

Jones & I are asked in to support the chilling synth drone half step masters turned post-rock electronica gods Darkstar in the Pavilion as part of their Dirty Weekender (which also features Mr Scruff, Howard Marks, Ben Klock (!!!), Mark Drummond, Stevie G and a few more).

Two manic sexy synth releases introduced darkstar to the world in 2007 on the 2010 label, but they really made waves with their first release for Hyperdub, "Need You / Squeeze My Lime" followed last year by the "Idy's girls a computer" which both stand to this day as two of the labels best releases.... which, if yer familiar with Hyperdub will know, is saying quite a bit.

Debut album Gold came out in 2010 showcasing a new darkstar sound, checkit

Monday, January 24, 2011

Throwing Snow - Rhythm Incursions Mix

Heres a old-ish mix i came across in Limerick at the weekend via Teddy from the Fried dnb crew there.
Big up Code, Equinox & subtle audio for the awesome goin away party. thats limerick ciddy

God Speed! You Black Emperpor // Moya (Part 1)
Manu Delago // Hang Solo
Baba Yaga // Circe (A Future Without)
Dave Brubeck Quartet // Take Five
Throwing Snow // Un Vingt (Ho Tep)
TRG // Broken Heart (Martyn Remix)
Zomby // The Lie
Joy Orbison // Hyph Mngo (tease)
Throwing Snow // Cronos (Ho Tep)
The XX // Crystalise (Dark Sky Remix)
Simian Mobile Disco feat Beth Ditto // Cruel Intentions (Joker Remix)
2562 // Morvern
Kahn // Stalker
God Speed! You Black Emperpor // Moya (Part 2)
Petter Worland // Tibeat (A Future Without)
Memotone // Half Remembered (A Future Without)
Qman1 // Mission (A Future Without)
Zhou // Marsh (A Future Without)
Moabi // Going West (A Future Without)
Somnambulist // Misanthropy (A Future Without)
Daniel Dixon - Falling Asleep (A Future Without)
Chewy Benson feat Non Generic // Under The Shadow of the Rose Moon (A Future Without)
Will // Tic Tac Toe (A Future Without)
Prefuse 73 feat Kazu // We Got Our Own Way
Chairman Kato // No Coincidence
Illum Sphere // Agent White
Session A9 // The Rizla
Snow Ghosts // Lost at Sea (Unsigned)

Monday, January 17, 2011

Prince Kong - Proper Horror Show

thought I'd throw this up. really regret not having picked this double 12 up when it came out.