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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Darkstar - 12th Feb - The Pavilion

Jones & I are asked in to support the chilling synth drone half step masters turned post-rock electronica gods Darkstar in the Pavilion as part of their Dirty Weekender (which also features Mr Scruff, Howard Marks, Ben Klock (!!!), Mark Drummond, Stevie G and a few more).

Two manic sexy synth releases introduced darkstar to the world in 2007 on the 2010 label, but they really made waves with their first release for Hyperdub, "Need You / Squeeze My Lime" followed last year by the "Idy's girls a computer" which both stand to this day as two of the labels best releases.... which, if yer familiar with Hyperdub will know, is saying quite a bit.

Debut album Gold came out in 2010 showcasing a new darkstar sound, checkit

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