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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Waspcatcher - Irish producer showcase

Grab resident-dubculture-dj-in-exile colm waspcatchers mix of irish producers wares here:
Gets through a lot of stuff....a god chunk of which i was delighted to find was excellent

Heres what the man himself said:
"Irish Producer showcase i put together over the last while. Big shout out to all the Producers who contributed!... really enjoyed all the music! huge amount of talent out there to be heard... so get on it and download it! listen, share, copy, paste and enjoy.. Tracklisting and download link below.

Deviant and Naive Ted Aspire
Jimmy Penguin Dent
Thotbott Beat Quartet
Semyon Soleil
The Arborist Plastic Politics
Tamen + Alienkid M.I.N.D
Ventolyn and Becotyde XeyfLoomOche
The Person 5th of the 5th
Lakker Breath
Waspcatcher Oscitate
Metrognome Session
Major Grave + Bob Imperial
Shatterfreak Slow Motion
Phonetik Near (forthcoming on SubVersion 001)
Rumbus Merrylegs Bot Battle
Latent Saint Mass
DROKKR Poppin Shit
Evasion Dream Time (forthcoming on SubVersion 001)
Welfare 8 Bit Trubble
2BIt Stringaling
G31 Crab People
Chris Coffey Lysergic Acid Symbiotic Neurosis
Digger Good Life
Kanobi n. s. d. a.

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  1. this is sick waspcatcher... nice one for the playlist too!!