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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

CJ Fitz Mix

Got this today off irishdubstep.com...lovely mix from exiled cork man CJ Fitz....how sound is this one!
dubculture003 track and the ultra-awesome new naked lunch from intra:mental on there

its a big un so you'l have to run find it yerself
ids:004 / CJ Fitz

Lysergene -ʻSub Ritualʼ / AREA
Thesis -ʻProgressoʼ / BASSWEIGHT
DFRNT -ʻDark Jazzʼ / ON THE EDGE
An On Bast -ʻUpon The Dew Dropsʼ Inanna & C Dubs mix / LA FOLIA
K3bee -ʻDark Whisperʼ / DUB CULTURE
Mala -ʻSinnersʼ / RINGO
Furesshu -ʻ1993ʼ / PROJECT SQUARED
Dark Arx -ʻBlood Veinʼ / DARK ARX
Asusu -ʻTogethernessʼ / IMMERSE
Distal -ʻAttempt At Yellowʼ /EMBASSY
Filtercutter -ʻ1upʼ Ramadanman mix / SVATLANA INDUSTRIES
Headhunter & Djunya -ʻEl Presidenteʼ / SUREFIRE SOUND
Instra:mental -ʻVicodinʼ / [NAKEDLUNCH]
Chasing Voices -ʻAcidbathoryʼ /CHASING VOICES
Marcel Dettman -ʻHomeʼ / OSTGUT TON
Furesshu -‘Horizons’ Asusu mix / IMMERSE
Kpk -ʻChill Winstonʼ / DUB:IOUZ
Blawan -ʻFramʼ / HESSLE AUDIO
Aqf -ʻIn The Bull Runʼ / AQF

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