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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

TazBuckfaster and SMG this saturday

This saturday we're back in City Limits with SMG over from Cardiff with a bag of fresh way-down-deep-oh-yeah-thats-the-spot techstep. do yer headphones a favour and check a mix here


Followed by our June headliner Taz Buckfaster. A producer on the up and up, the last 12 months have seen Taz popping up in gigs all over the world, releases on various labels, festivals all sides, and partying the bejaysus outta it. A lots been said about his style so I aint gonna go into it too much, but if you've been liking the sexy side of hyperdub, i think thats somewhere along the right lines. g-funk dubstep that isnt afraid to let its hair down. This mix will probably explain better. Its one of my favs this year

Friendly price of 8 bucks all night long. Doors round 10.30. Come support yer local underground for the love of god or you'll wake up in a month and it wont be there!

As a post-script, life was awesome once again. (Other than the absolute farce that was the tent locations and soundsystem meltdowns). wont go into much detail but I really dug vibronics lots and choon of the weekend is from toasty, been rinsin this one since coming back

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